SEO Killed The Phonebook

03 Oct 2016

SEO Killed The Phonebook

03 Oct 2016:

Well all know that nobody uses the phone book anymore, as SEO is the new, easy method of sourcing goods and services. Another benefit of SEO,  unlike the phone book, is the business listing can be found either on a broad wide range of search phrases or under very specific phrases. So you have the option of being found by many people for many different areas of practice, or having your calls filtered to just those looking for your speciality.

Then our company AAAA Plumbing Inc. If listed in the phone book  they would only be listed in the section entitled Plumbing. By optimizing this listing on the web we can incorporate the many functions that this company provides ie: plumbing, septic tank, toilet replacement, sink repair etc.  As time goes this company may decide to expand its products and services to include Heating and Air Conditioning, or even Electrical work. If this company stayed with just the phone book AAAA Plumbing Inc, would only be listed in the one section. Phone book listings can be as inexpensive as $30 a month, to placing a larger ad for $500 a month.

The other problem with phone books is they only cover a certain area, so If you are expanding your business to another county or state, for each of those areas your company will pay for an ad there as well.  Once the ad is paid for, the next question to ask is: How long until the new book is published? On average Phone books are published 2 or 3 times a year. So if you haven’t planned accordingly you may go months with no advertising at all.

SEO in Melbourne

With a reliable company, such as Resolve Agency Melbourne SEO once you design your website, you are up and running immediately.  But a web site is only as good as it is being seen. Its like having a Ferrari in the garage with no gas.  SEO work puts gas in that Ferrari tank and gets people to notice. SEO work will enable more customers to see your website by searching by the product type they are looking for. SEO costs, if you do it yourself, range from free to as much as you want to put into it. With higher results, more contacts, and more territories that you can cover for a fraction of the cost. So what do we do with those outdated books? Personally I use mine as door stoppers. Learn more about common SEO mistakes, straight from the horses mouth (Google):